Desserting a Different Way in Anaheim


August 22, 2017

If you’re visiting Anaheim, be sure to pack your sweet tooth. A town full of entertainment and fun is topped off with some seriously delicious dessert offerings. While it’s true you’ll still find plenty of pies and a bajillion baked goods - we dessert a little differently in Anaheim!  

Anaheim offers everything from premium, handmade desserts to over-the-top sugar rushes. Each is totally shareable, but perhaps only on social media.  

I Am Smoothie Shop and Shaved Snow

Looking for a seriously cool treat? Head over to the Anaheim Packing House for a Snowball -- a rice puff dipped in liquid nitrogen. Share one with a friend, but not before you get a get a selfie blowing out frosty smoke.

Creme & Sugar

Creme and Sugar takes the milkshake over the top. Over the top of the glass, that is. These elaborate concoctions blend ice cream treats and load them up with themed toppings. Famous for their unicorn milkshakes with edible glitter, multi-colored marshmallows and sprinkle blend, these shakes will have you racing over rainbows to get to the Anaheim Hills location.


The Popbar serves handcrafted gelato on a stick, perfect for strolling around the Anaheim Packing House. Before you head off to explore the renovated citrus packing plant turned food hall, you can dip your Popbar any way you like it. Try the Green Tea dipped in white chocolate and crushed waffle cones.

Marceline’s Confectionery

Mickey and Minnie have been busy whipping up treats for guests at the Downtown Disney district. Themed Disneyland treats like character marshmallow pops and ginormous cupcakes are offered alongside delicious handmade fudge.  Part of the fun is watching candy apples being dipped and decorated from outside the large windows.  

MINI Monster

Instagram worthy and so much fun. Served in a light bulb shaped bottle, these teas and boba treats would be incredible on their own, but the drinks, like Honey Milk Tea, come topped with cotton candy. Bring your take-home bottle back for a refill anytime you want to “eat dessert, be a monster.”

Sweet Cup

Taco Tuesday has never been sweeter. Rolled ice cream tacos from Sweet Cup showcase the fun we can have when we play with our food. Premium ice cream is rolled and stuffed in a waffle taco shell. Try the Rainbow Road topped with fruity cereal, sprinkles, and even more rainbow candy.  


Think science fair for foodies when you think of Nitrolado in Little Saigon. This liquid nitrogen ice cream comes in 21 delicious flavors and makes for some serious fun. Homemade churro bowls top your ice cream while another cup below is filled with dry ice and hot water, creating a vaping effect escaping from your dessert.

When visiting Anaheim, make sure you save room for dessert. We’ve got you covered from cinnamon sweets to marvelous milkshakes. How will you dessert a little differently?