Visit Anaheim's Housing team will provide housing for groups using two or more hotels at a peak block of at least 500 rooms or in special circumstances when approved by the Client Services & Housing Director. 

Only the hotels with signed agreements will be utilized until the rooms in these properties are no longer available, then rooms can be secured in additional hotels. All hotel contracts must name Anaheim Housing or Visit Anaheim Housing Department as the meetings’ official housing company.

All published hotel information must be reviewed by the Housing Manager and the Hotels prior to release and distribution in order to approve the format or to suggest modifications. 

Your special internet housing link will be customized with your own special instructions and meeting logo using the Lanyon Passkey software.

First night deposits are required for all reservations. Checks or credit cards are accepted. The credit cards may be charged the deposit upon receipt by the hotel. 

A $35.00 cancel fee policy is required for all reservations canceled less than 45 days prior to the meeting. A tiered cancellation fee policy with the fee increasing as the arrival date approached is highly recommended for each event to decrease attrition.

Generally, first night deposits are refunded by the hotels if canceled at least 72 hours prior to scheduled arrival date.

Rooms are assigned on a first-come, first-serve, space available basis. If rooms are no longer available in the hotel(s) of the attendee's choice, availability of the remaining hotels will be used in determining where guests are assigned. 

Reservations received after the cutoff date will be directed to hotels based upon space availability. Requests from late registrants should be directed to contact the Anaheim Housing team for information on available hotels until your convention begins. On site assistance is also available if requested over the weekends. 

Continual communication is provided between the Anaheim Housing Bureau and the hotel reservations departments to prevent 'walks' by hotels. 

The Housing Manager arranges for visits to hotels and sets up itineraries based on the meeting planner's request. 

Current Anaheim city room tax is 15% plus a 2% tourism improvement district fee.

We operate as a non-profit and charge our partner hotels a modest housing processing fee to cover our operating costs only. This allows our partner hotels to quote you competitive room rates.

To download a housing map with Anaheim Convention Center area hotel information, please visit our map page.